Nagoya and Toyota

Happy Birthday to me!

眠気が一気にさめ、プレゼントをあけた。鉄製のポットと琺瑯のカップに、ヴィンテージの箱!二人で住んでいると、こうしたサプライズがともて難しい。なぜなら隠す場所がないから。でも、僕はプレゼントがクローゼットに入っているなんて、全然気がつかなかった。good job, my Sweet boy!

京都から名古屋までは新幹線でたったの30分で行けてしまう。こんなに近いのに、2人にとって初めての名古屋。今回の目的は名古屋市美術館と豊田市美術館。名古屋市美術館では、「親子で楽しむアートの世界 遠まわりの旅」という企画展がやっていって、美術館の所蔵品と現代美術アーティスト作品を混ぜた展示になっていた。その中でもメキシコ出身のアーティスト・フリーダ・ガーロの作品がとても印象的だった。その中でもワンピースを着て、花を持った少女が仮面を被っている「死の仮面を被った少女」が一番良かった。


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Aron : http://youcanmakeiteasy.blogspot.jp/

[✓] 31 – 40
Happy Birthday and welcome to my box, Koichi!

After the birthday boy had finished opening his gifts in bed, we rushed to catch the bullet train to Nagoya – a large industrial city located about 140 kilometres from Kyoto and only 30 minutes away by train. For both of us, it was our first time to visit Nagoya. There was an exhibition being held at The Nagoya City Art Museum we both wanted to see. I was intrigued by the poster when I first saw it – a couple of bones and dead things and a little caption that read “Enjoy the art world with your loved one. Thinking about our existence”. The perfect birthday outing! Haha. The exhibition had a particularly strong focus on Mexican Art, and from the start, Koichi and I were both drawn to Frida Kahlo’s tiny painting called Girl with Death Mask. So much so, that a gallery staff member asked us to step back from the work because she felt we were getting a little too close. To be honest though, this small painting was perhaps the most interesting work on display in this rather poorly curated exhibition. Oh, and besides Sophie Calle’s work – her Blind Series is beautiful. She is without a doubt one of my most favourite living artists.

Later in the day, we took a one hour train ride south to Detroit’s sister city, Toyota – not to visit the car museum, but The Toyota Municipal Museum of Art instead. Walking from the station to the museum took a bit longer than expected. We seemed to have missed the shortcut and ended up circling the hill the museum is built upon. I think Koichi could see I was frustrated and tired. He told me not to be so grumpy because it was his birthday. But truth be told, I was just really hungry.

We eventually made it to the top of the hill. Where the ancient Shichishu Castle once stood, now stands a glass and concrete museum with severe angles overlooking the city. We were lucky to have made it just in time to enjoy the lunch menu at the museum restaurant – thank goodness – (Koichi had already told me a couple of times to liven up) – it was his birthday! Even though we only got to see the museum, making the trip to Toyota was worth it. The museum is an architecturally exciting place to explore and I was glad that we could also see an extensive collection of work by Japanese painter, Haru Miyawaki.

Koichi and I made it back to Kyoto just in time for a small birthday dinner at a new French restaurant downtown. Our lovely friend Akari wanted to have a little dinner celebration there for Koichi – she had already organised the staff to sing Happy Birthday to him when we ordered dessert! Koichi and I were also super glad that Aron could join us too. He recently moved to Tokyo from Hawaii and was visiting Kyoto for a few days. He’s such a warmhearted and funny guy and his Instagram pictures and incredibly charming blog fills me with such joy.

Toyota municipal museum of art
Toyota municipal museum of art
Toyota municipal museum of art
Toyota municipal museum of art
Toyota municipal museum of art
Toyota municipal museum of art
Toyota municipal museum of art
Toyota municipal museum of art
Toyota municipal museum of art

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